Recruitment Solutions

“Hidden Costs of Recruitment top £15,000 per new hire excluding lost opportunities” 

“Average cost of recruitment is £3,950 per hire using any method” 


Able HR with our client's to ensure that they are not one of these businesses.


Our Fixed cost recruitment solution allows you to confidently budget for all eventualities and significantly reduces the recruitment costs for new hires.


Staff turnover is a fact within most businesses; however, successful companies plan for this. Those who react suffer a short term impact to their opportunities and incur additional business expense which can significantly impact their profitability.

Able HR work with our client's on both aspects to ensure they not only recruit the highest calibre staff but also to retain them to continually improve their profits.


Being experts with many years experience of delivering recruitment services to our client's we are the ideal recruitment partners for organisations of all sizes.


Client Comments on our services:


"Thank you for helping on our recent recruitment campaign, it has been by far the best campaign we have ever ran"  Technical Director - 


"I did not think that a recruitment company could understand our needs but you have clearly got to grips with exactly the type of staff we want for our our business" Sales Director - National Construction Manufacturer


" Having worked with the team at Able HR for over a year I want to thank you for your service as it has had a direct impact on our profits as we now have the best sales team the business has ever had in the UK" - Managing Director - International Construction Manufacturer




For more information on our services and how Able HR are able to work with you to improve your applicant quality for your vacancies.